• March 21st, 2016

Lady Macbeth

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

write down the topic or topics that you’re interested in writing a long (5-7) page paper about concerning Macbeth. Basically, what will happen is that you use the topic “Two sides of Lady Macbeth” to develop a thesis, and write a paper from there, incorporating what you read in the articles.

and you have to use these two articles, you can find more articles to prove your thesis :
The Journal of Education 92.12 (2298) (1920): 329–329. https://www.jstor.org/stable/42830021?Search=yes&resultItemClick=true&searchText=lady&searchText=macbeth&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicResults%3FQuery%3Dlady%2Bmacbeth%26amp%3Bacc%3Don%26amp%3Bwc%3Don%26amp%3Bfc%3Doff%26amp%3Bgroup%3Dnone%26amp%3Bvf%3Djo&seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents

La Belle, Jenijoy. “”A Strange Infirmity”: Lady Macbeth’s Amenorrhea”. Shakespeare Quarterly 31.3 (1980): 381–386

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