• May 2nd, 2015

L A S Buildinf Qatar Foundation

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write about ” L A S Building – Qatar Foundation”

You should address all the relevant information of the building — architect/client/location/area/sq.m/ this would be followed by description of the building then your critique — You might want to use one or more of the approaches described in the lecture.. Remember that the whole purpose of the exercise is to develop critical analysis of the building and its context and also its contribution to the overall context — Your role in this exercise is not to exercise judgment .

* I will upload the lecture.
* I will upload the 3 visits to the building and please analysis based on them .
* Need sketches , floor plans and photos.
*show the score of each factor that I will upload, there are 4 factors repeated 3 times on number of visit the analysis between 350-500 words for each factor.so the total for the 4 factors not more than 1500 words.

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