• April 3rd, 2016

Kokomo-Howard County Public Library

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Howard County Public Library is planning to do a health and wellness program for residence of howard county, Indiana. They plan to market this program to spread health and wellness for its residence. The full details of the program plan is on the attachment.

What I need is the following:
1) Why market through the AMC movie theatre( since it is the only movie theatre in komoko, Indiana). Or the reasons for companies to advertise through movie theatre.
2) The benefits of marketing through the movie theatre. How will it benefit the plan?
3) In order to succeed in our campaign, what recommendations do you suggest to succeed in the marketing plan through the movie theatre ad to improve the wellness of Kokomo’s. strategies and steps for the ad in the movie theatre.
4) Write for me a complete advertisement description, including script characters, scenes etc. that works for the camping. Showing the reasons how will it work. [ in general I will target not fit or strong people, and not very rich people.]

5) Take not that the library has limited budget for the advertisement, so make sure that the full strategies should consider the low budget.
6) Any additional recommendation that we should consider when advertising in a movie theatre that can help our camping.

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