• April 18th, 2016

Journalism Project

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Students will create a travel diary originating from the Arabian Peninsula (Oman or Yemen) and follow the Silk Road traveling East or West. Students will imagine they are traveling back in time along the routes as reporters and will document their journey during which they will track the diffusion of items, ideas and technologies from the Arabian region.
In their travel diary, students will point each city on the route they took; as such they should make a map of their journey. Among those visited, they should describe two major trading hubs of their choice.  In addition, the reportage should include at least 2 commodities, 2 technologies and 2 ideas that were found along their route. Students will detail how these items influenced the standard of living during those times and discuss any challenges that may arise during their trip.

-written from a perspective of a traveler (1st person singular) but also photos
-Must use at least 5 Primary/Secondary Sources within Diary to be included in the submission and referenced correctly using APA style
-Minimum of 1 page length report
-Should include pictures and travel route
-must include three books

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