• April 18th, 2016

Journalism online participation 3

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

each student will make a written contribution on a regular basis (at least one contribution per three weeks) to their group`s discussion of the weekly readings and lectures. In these contributions you will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the relevant concepts and arguments of the text(s) under discussion and to comment on them in ways that contribute positively to the discussion process. Your tutor will give oral feedback on your group`s online discussion in the tutorials, and might from time to time make written contributions to the discussions. (So writer you need to read all the documents I have provided to you and write a summary because you need to write the summary by using those readings that I have provided, you don’t have to read or use all of them just pick few, so I suggest you read the powerpoint file first then you will know what’s the topic of each week)

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