• March 9th, 2016

Journalism- article analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. Find a piece of good journalism. Ensure it is actually journalism and not something else (PR, publicity, propaganda, opinion etc.).
Essentially somebody should have been to gather some kind of news – although this can be taken in the broadest sense.

this is the article i want to use.

(ISIS is ‘copying Nazis’ recruitment tactics to brainwash young boys by the daily mail

via http://dailym.ai/ios )

2. Give the context of its ‘publication’. What site does it appear on ? What can you find out in detail about the site ? When was the piece published ? Was it revised ? Are there any extra pieces to the piece (photo / sound) and if so who produced them ?
3. Give some background about the journalist / journalists. Are they staff or freelance ? Do they have a beat (a specialty) ? Contact them directly if you need extra information about their piece or if you’d like to ask a question. Has there been any discussion of the piece on Twitter ?
4. Summarise / Present the piece – with a link (test the link once you’ve pasted it) here or at the top of the essay.
5. Give some background / context about the story if appropriate – has anyone else reported on this ? Has anyone done similar-looking reports on another story ?
6. Analyse the piece. Ask yourself why and how it works. What did the journalist do that made the piece successful ?
7. Identify any part of it that you think didn’t work so well. Is there anything you don’t like about the piece ?
8. What would be the logical follow-up to the piece for the journalist ? What is the next story or aspect of the story s/he might look into ?

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