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Read this book called Home, School and Community Relations, 9th Ed.Carol Gestwicki and answer the journal question and explain

Journal Assignment #2

Chapter 5

Assignment Title: Non Verbal Communication

Take some time to think about what the videos are showing regarding communication and interactions. Answer the reflection questions as fully as possible.

Reflection question(s) for Journal:

•What nonverbal behavior did you use at various times this week to express any three (3) of the following: happiness, surprise, anger, fear, love, confusion, relief, disgust, sadness, jealousy, peace, humor, discomfort?
•What were the three (3) situations? Describe in detail.
•What do you want your physical appearance to say about you? How do you try to accomplish this?
Journal guidelines:

Write out each question; reflect on what you have read in the chapter and seen in the video and then write your response to the question.

Write the question and then the answer, do not write all the questions and then all the answers.

Follow the Course Writing Requirements (remember paragraphs and complete sentences).

Answer all parts of the question(s).

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