• January 10th, 2017

Job Interview or Understanding the Context, Part 1

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Please respond to one of the following questions:
Question A
Public speaking is an essential and critical part of a job interview. What are some techniques or practices for verbal communication that might be helpful during a job interview? Of equal importance is your nonverbal communication: what are some tips and tricks to leaving a positive impact or lasting impression?
Fall back on your experience to respond to this question; and if you don’t have much experience interviewing for jobs, feel free to do some online research and let us know what you find! Make sure you post the website for others to use later!
Question B
You are a sales representative for OfficeWorks, Inc. Your current assignment is to travel to several universities in your city and pitch sales of a new electronic tablet to various school representatives.
On your first day, you have scheduled three separate appointments:
First, you’re meeting with a group of faculty from the English department.
Then, you’re meeting with a group of students from the Information Technology program.
Lastly, you’re meeting with four deans from the College of General Studies.
How would you prepare for each of these meetings? What research would you do? How would you analyze your audience before, during and after your presentation?

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