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Jewish national fund | UK US Essays
  • March 14th, 2016

Jewish national fund

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


  1. the roots of JNF
  2. How the JNF developed
  3. why JNF developed




  1. The outcomes of JNF implementation
  2. projects held by JNF that greatly contributed in the state of Israel and its formation


Why is JNF important:

  1. how strong was the JNF then and now
  2. JNF goals then and now


Argument, thesis and research question:


The JNF greatly contributed in the foundation of the creation of the state of Israel, by purchasing lands and turning them into planted areas. However, to what extend has JNF controlled writing creating the history of the state of Israel and is it true that there is a hidden truth behind the plantation projects, where Palestinian villages were first destroyed then cover with plants by the JNF to then show the Israelis of the JNF’s promising future for the state.




Research, argumentative essay. (could go with the research question of against, depends on outcome)


7500-8000 words


Use only academic articles and academic websites, along with JNF website.

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