• May 3rd, 2015

Japanese Red Army Terrorist Group

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Using your chosen organisation, your essay must: 

– a) give a concise overview of that organisation’s stated aims, methods, actions 
(What did the organisation itself say it was doing, what did it do in order to achieve its 
stated aims? NB: ‘stated aims’ means the organisation’s own avowed aims, not those 
that have been imputed upon it by its adversaries) 

– b) critically consider the broader political context and societal effects of the 
organisation’s operations 
(What was happening in that place and time? What were the broader historic-political 
conditions that enabled the organisation to be, and that made ’the struggle’ appear: as 
necessary to that organisation, as terrorism to its adversaries? What did that 
organisation’s actions *do* to the society in which it acted, both immediately, mediately 
and eventually?) 

– c) look briefly at the empirical responses to that organisation’s actions 
(How – in what ways, with what means – did those who responded to that organisation 
actually respond?) 

– d) reflect critically on the organisation overall in a way that synthesises what you’ve 
already covered with a), b), c). 
(How should we understand the organisation? What’s the best sense that can be made 
of it? What is your overall interpretation of it?) 

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