• April 21st, 2016

Italian movie

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1-Analyze how the outer world (the city- the ruins- any environment) influences the protagonists (and the other characters) of the films that we watched so far.

2-Sometimes the protagonist is an outsider, what does that imply in terms of perspective? Can you give some examples from the movies Journey to Italy and Maccheroni? Who are the outsiders and how do they see Naples?

3-On the other hand, what does imply to belong? What is the role of Antonio Jasiello (Marcello Mastroianni) in Maccheroni? (What happened with the letters and the creation of a new identity, a new Bob…. a hero?)

4-In La Dolce Vita Marcello is a writer and a journalist and even though – just like Fellini- he comes from Northern Italy, he seems to belong to this “dolce vita” in the Rome of the paparazzi and glitterati. Does he really belong to it? (Rome, the eternal city, has been a compulsory stop for famous writers, poets, painters and artists on their grand tour until the 19th century. The grand tour was a journey through Italy that was supposed to educate the wealthy noblemen and artists. It was a must. Some of the German writers said that Italy, especially Rome, was a paradise inhabited by devils). How do cities like Naples and Rome influence our protagonists?

5-In Rossellini’s hands it is not what happened to Pompeii that matters, it is what Pompeii can do to you in terms of emotional and psychological effect. The same goes for any other space of the cinematic city. What does the city do to the characters in the films that we watched?

6-It seems that in every film that we watched so far there is a deep fascination with miracles. Every director has his own style and is probably inspired by different aspects of it. Don’t forget to look at this from a historical and social point of view if you want to explore this aspect extensively.

7-Did you notice any reference to other films or to literature?

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