• October 2nd, 2017

IT535- 1: Analyze switching, LAN, and Internet routing protocols.

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For IPv4, IANA specifies three private sets of IP address spaces, –,, and – As noted in Discussion 2 for Unit 1, all systems
addressed with a private address cannot be seen across the public Internet. The most commonly used method
for allowing a system using a private IP address to access the public Internet is NAT (network address
translation), although there are a few other methods. Research IPv4 NAT and analyze the general advantages
and disadvantages to using NAT for a LAN. What are the security implications of using IPv4 NAT? How does
the IPv6 version of NAT differ from IPv4 NAT? Will NAT still be necessary once a LAN has been migrated to
IPv6? Why would you not simply use public IP addresses on the LAN, rather than NAT?
1. Based on your research, write an 8 to 10 page paper that analyzes the use of NAT in both IPv4 and
IPv6. Contrast and compare the uses, similarities, and differences between the two versions.

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