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  • March 30th, 2016

IT, Web

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All information systems create, read, update and delete data. This data is stored in files and databases. To fully exploit the advantages of database technology, a database must be carefully designed. Database design translates the data models that were developed for the system users during the requirements analysis phase into database structures supported by the chosen database technology. Subsequent to database design, system builders will construct those data structures using the language and tools of the chosen database technology.

The goal of this milestone is to create a relational database schema. Use Petrie Electronic designing Databases (352-353) to transform your logical data model into a relational database schema for the ACCESS database engine. Make sure to address questions 1 through 7 on page 353 and then define all your entities, attributes, and relationships in Visible Analyst repository. You need to:

Normalized your logical data model using the Analyze option under Diagram Menu item and submit your normalization report .
Do the Key Analysis and Key Synchronization under Repository Menu and submit your reports.
Generate data base schema for the ACCESS data base.
Copy and paste the schema in your word file for submission.
Note: Visible Analyst does not show the physical characteristics of the attributes beyond identifying foreign and primary keys on an ERD. So you do not need to show it in the ERD. However, in order to come up with the DDL, you need to define all your entities, attributes, and relationships in the Visible Analyst repository and then use the Visible Analyst to create your ACCESS database schema.

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