• April 17th, 2016

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You will create a one-page site that includes one of the following games:


  1. Bulls and Cows

The computer will generate a four digit random number from the digits 1 to 9, without duplication. The page should ask for guesses to this number, reject guesses that are malformed, then print the score for the guess. Loops must be used to check each of the four digits.


The score is computed as:

  1. The player wins if the guess is the same as the randomly chosen number,

and the program ends. Display the number of guess it took.

  1. A score of one bull is accumulated for each digit in the right place

iii. A score of one cow is accumulated for each digit in the guess that also appears in the randomly chosen number, but is in the wrong position.


Example game output:

Guess #1: 1234

Bulls: 0, cows: 2

Guess #2: 5678

Bulls: 1, cows: 1

Guess #3: 3167

Bulls: 0, cows: 3

Guess #4: 5317

Bulls: 2, cows: 2

Guess #5: 5731

Bulls: 2, cows: 2

Guess #6: 5713

Bulls: 4, cows: 0

You win! Guesses needed: 6



  1. Identify the program logic necessary to solve a given problem
  2. Integrate JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  3. Write detailed documentation to provide requirements and logic to other developers
  4. Design user-friendly forms
  5. Analyze problems using structured programming techniques
  6. Write code to validate user input
  7. Compose modular code


  1. Design and structure

Use external CSS and JS files. Make sure you have a header, footer, styled text, colors, etc. Be creative.

  1. Game GUI

Make the interface fun. Include the rules somewhere. Use images where possible ( bulls/cows).

  1. Does it work?

The logic matches the rules of the game. Decisions and loops are used where appropriate. All inputs are validated (whether it is a form or click event) so the user can’t cheat.

  1. Documentation

Make sure all of your code is well documented.


Do one or more of the following.


  1. b. c.

Complete one of the harder projects to get the stated extra credit points. Use jQuery to animate parts of game.

Present ideas to your instructor for extra credit.

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