• April 24th, 2016

IT auditor

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Question 1:  In week 2, we talked about the article, “IT Is From Venus, Non-IT Is From Mars” in class.  For the on-line forum, I’d like us to focus a bit more on the concepts of accountability and transparency.  Why is this important for CIOs?  Many times, IT hears business complain that there “are too many forms to fill out, and I can’t get anything completed.”  How can a CIO help business understand that defined methodology, along with accountability and transparency are important for the overall success of the business.  Please draw from your owner experiences and/or today’s headlines in your answers to these questions.
Question 2:  In class, after discussing IT governance, we spent some time on the subject of risk management – defining key terms as well as the concept of enterprise-wide risk management (ERM).  In this week’s forum, I’d like to hear from our on-line students as well, given the importance of this topic.  Why is “risk culture” such an important element of achieving improved risk management practices?  What experiences have you had regarding risk culture – good or bad?  Are there any articles that you would like to share regarding this topic?
Question 3:  In class, we spent some time on BDI, and explored the importance of establishing a common risk language regarding IT risk.  After listening to our class discussion, what is your reaction to BDI’s risk radar?  How would you persuade BDI’s stakeholders that IT risk requires greater attention?

Question 4: Independence and objectivity are important to the audit profession – what about courage – why is this also important for the auditor?  Is this a word or concept that should be used in the internal audit standards?
You may wish to listen to Anton van Wyk, former IIA Global Chairman of the Board, as he talks about this concept – do you agree with him?

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