• March 29th, 2016

Issue brief

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

-Intervene in an ongoing policy debate, engaging with and extending the ideas of those already participating in the conversation.
-Incorporate source material as needed (probably at least as many sources as you have pages) to show engagement with this conversation and build your own ethos.
-Identify and summarize the exigence for your argument, making a case for why your intervention needs to be made.
-Propose a single thesis claim which either advances a particular belief or suggests a particular action step in response to the problem posed by your exigence.
-Address an audience with the power to enact the kind of change (whether change of belief or change of behavior) implied within your purpose, and adopt a tone suited to that audience.
-Develop a complex, nuanced, and sophisticated argument consisting of multiple forms of evidence in which each sub-claim ultimately advances your thesis.
-Offer fresh insights backed by sound logical reasoning, in order to capture both the attention and the belief of your stated audience.
-Use varied sentence structure, subject-appropriate vocabulary, and syntactical creativity as a way of crafting your own ethos.

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