• April 5th, 2016

Islamic and Christianity Worldview Similarities and Differences

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research Paper

  1. Written Communication (WC)
  2. Write clear and effective prose in several forms, using conventions to appropriate to audience (including academic audiences), purpose, and genre. (LEAP A, B, C & D).
  3. Find, analyze, evaluate, and cite pertinent primary and secondary sources,

including academic databases, to prepare speeches and written texts (LEAP B & D)

  1. Identify, analyze, and evaluate statements, assumptions and conclusions representing

diverse points of view; and construct informed, sustained, and ethical arguments in

response. (LEAP B, C, and D).


The instructor can provide a research topic if requested. (For example, compare the Passover Meal to the Lord’s Supper (Judaism/Christianity) However, the preferred goal is for the student to select the research topic. Compare and/or contrast any three worldviews components between any two world religions listed in the course syllabus.

Each worldview component should be treated as its own section. Each section must accomplish the following:


  1. What is expected from your research? (Method of Assessment)

State the worldview component and the religions as the heading for that section (as below). Then discuss how each of the religions understands that particular worldview question (b below). Explain how these two understandings are similar and/or different from each other (c below). Finally, be sure to support your answers through providing examples of particular traditions, customs, prayers, or Scriptures that help

demonstrate the particular worldview belief (d below).

For example, see below:

  1. Sectional Heading: The Absolute: Christianity and Buddhism
  2. Explain: The purpose of this section sets out to answer how Christianity and Buddhism each address the question of what is the Absolute.
  3. Compare: Explain how these understandings are similar and/or different.
  4. Examples: Use examples of common practices (traditions, customs, prayers, scriptures, songs, etc.) to give concrete examples of how the worldview question is dealt with in each of the religions.


  1. The Format of the Research Paper will have a Total of Five Sections:
  2. Introduction
  3. First worldview component and how the religions each understand them (as per a-d above).
  4. Second worldview component and how the religions each understand them (as per a-d above).
  5. Third worldview component and how the religions each understand them (as per a-d above).
  6. Conclusion
  • Minimum of 3 sources, textbook does not count as a source. Web sources must be reputable sources. Wikipedia or encyclopedia sources are unacceptable.
  • Length: 5-6 pages, Body: double spaced, (no extra space between the paragraphs), 12 point standard font, standard one inch margins.


  1. How Research Paper will be Evaluated:
  • Introduction Section must include: Clear thesis statement. A thesis statement lays out (in one sentence) what the purpose of your paper is.  The thesis should be included in your introductory paragraph. [see Section 6.1]
  • Three main worldview sections: Were each of the a-d components addressed?  [See Sections 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4]
  • Conclusion must include:

o             Clear summary of main points addressed in the conclusion section of paper.

o             Explanation of what was most interesting and helpful in the research.  How, if at all, did your research affect you?

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