• April 28th, 2016

Is homework beneficial?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This paper is supposed to be written like a skit with a setting, five characters with descriptions and their opinion (and their reason behind their opinion) on the subject (three opposing homework and two for homework) but there are no winners, they're just debating.
The five characters are supposed to be split up, two of them will be me (opposing) and another random non-expert (for). The other three will be real life experts who have spoken on the subject and the sources or quotes can only come from them or people they themselves have quoted. The paper doesn't need a conclusion it can just end. As for the lines, it will not be done as a traditional skit where the characters just speak for one or two sentences. Each character will only speak three times, every time they speak it should be a little bit above a third of the page.
Experts: John Buell (Against). Herbert J. Walberg (For). Monica Fuglei (against).

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