• April 7th, 2016

Investment Management Theory

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Each student will select a unique public limited company to research. Students will then need to obtain a copy of the latest Annual Report and Accounts and all other appropriate information on the selected company and the sector from the press, internet etc.

Based on the annual report of the chosen company you should should write a report on the following:

1.Give a brief report on the strategic capabilities of the company and whether it has a competitive advantage.

2.Discuss the capital structure of the company and how it might affect future prospects and sources of finance.

3.Analyse the cash-flow statement and comment on the short term liquidity of the company.

4.Review of the operating performance of the company over the last four years. (Using all available accounting ratios and any other indicators as appropriate)

5.Give brief comment on the company in the context of the sector in which it operates.

6.Provide reasoned forecast of sales and earnings per share for the next financial year based on the information gathered.

7.Comment on the share price performance over the last four years and provide a discussion on whether the share is likely to outperform the sector and market over the next 12 months. It should also include a recommendation as to whether you believe the share to be a BUY, SELL or Hold proposition.

8.Must have copy of the annual report and the data gathered included with the report.

9.Each element of this should be underpinned with appropriate referencing.

NOTICE : Can You Inform me what company are you going to use.

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