• May 3rd, 2015

Investigation of the effect of traffic progression on reduction of traffic delays at signalized intersections

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It is a research paper and the topic is ‘Investigation of the effect of traffic progression on reduction of traffic delays at signalised intersections’. The traffic progression must be based on Australian scenario: left driving rule. The traffic delay not only happens on the single individually signalised intersection, but especially in several continuous signalised intersections. The objective is find out the factors can affect and reduce the traffic delay at signalised intersections. Please make sure do not use any example in this paper. Because I already got the test subject(ten continuous signalized intersections on the Great Eastern Highway from intersection of Bolton Ave and Great Eastern Hwy to intersection of Tokin Hwy and Great eastern Hwy). You do not need use situation of the Great Eastern Hwy into report because I will add these and other parts in the final version by myself after get this paper. For writer just find out the factors could affect the traffic delay and explain how. What I need is the theoretical explanation. I want to mention here is in the several continuous signalised intersection condition, the coordination of traffic lights is an very important parameter. I will send the research paper has been done by some else about coordination to writer for reference reading. Other factors like traffic light’s timing plan and traffic light cycle time and phase also can take into consideration to explain how to setup them in proper way. Please make sure this paper is 100% original which similarity is 0. This paper is very important for me.


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