• April 25th, 2016

Investigation into P2P networks

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Project Specification as following:
Scope: Peer-to-peer networking is a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers are equally privileged, equipotent participants in the application. P2P systems can help address scalability problems in modern network systems by distributing resources and load across networks.
Aim: The goal of this project is to carry out investigation and a comparative study of P2P architectures and/or protocols to identify their performance characteristics, advantages, and limitations. The project would need to analyse popular existing P2P systems, set up experiments (using the actual systems or in a simulation environment), collect performance data, and use that for evaluation. The project may also suggest improvements to the existing systems and, ideally, implement and evaluate them. Such results could be published in a research paper.
Techical areas: popular P2P systems (Kazaa, BitTorrent, etc), routing protocols, Distributed Hash Tables (DHT), security considerations in P2P systems.
The experiments we would like to do:
Small-scale simulation of P2P system (uTorrent &Gnutella) 300 clients
Large-scale simulation of P2P (uTorrent & Gnutella).1000 clients

The following requirements from my supervisor:
Identify what measurements can be used to compare the different systems. What are the quality criteria here? What do we want to base our comparison on?
Think of the experimental setup that we can use to run the systems and collect the necessary performance statistics. This will include identifying the system components that we will need to run (e.g. clients, trackers, indexing or search servers, etc)
Think of experimental scenarios (i.e. what sequences of events or actions we want to try to see how well the systems work)
Note that: my supervisor asked me Identify what are the main/most common problems that exist with the selected systems. I respond to him identified some of the main problems with P2P systems
Bandwidth ( I mean data transfer rate in the network and the path of data send and receive in the network or the capacity of data transfer in the network)
Delay ( how long the packet will take, when sent it to other client or to the end destination )
IS that true or need to change it, I said to my supervisor these what I am going to show in the end by using a simulator and if there are any expected results and related to my project would be good if we mention it as well .
The important things would like to know before start our work is the plan for the work as following:
What is suitable design can use in both (UTorrent &Gnutella).
What is suitable simulation will be used in our work for both System.
When the work will be finish.
Would like to know later from you how we are going to do our work step by step in order to understand our work very well.

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