• April 18th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This major part of the module output is an ordered account of your
work that demonstrates the knowledge you have gained from the lecture
and seminar series, workshop and lab sessions associated with the
The report should be presented professionally and include all
tutorials/exercises/homework assignments in order of completion. You
are to answer fully the leading questions associated with each chapter
demonstrating your knowledge and application of techniques where
necessary. Do not merely answer the questions but expand your answer
into a piece of written work.
The Technical Report is effectively the ‘glue’ that binds this years
learning and output in one report.
The use of images and sketches (carefully referenced) should be
included alongside your tutorial exercises to support the written
explanatory text and arranged in the chapter headings as below:
Your task is to write 3000 words explaining broadly the content of the
module and the importance of the structured order of learning in
relation to understanding and developing architectural solutions. You
are to reference your weekly outputs in support of this.
Use the following questions to prompt the text within each chapter.

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