• April 12th, 2016

Introduction to statistics

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[a] Your assignment should be done individually only.
[b] Your student ID must be put on the top right-hand corner of every page.
[c] Both the two questions must be attempted, using SPSS or another package.
[d] All graphs should be presented within the body of the assignment under the relevant questions, NOT at the end of the assignment in an appendix.
[e] Your assignment is expected to contain no more than 7 single-sided pages.
[f] A soft copy of your assignment is required to be submitted onto the Moodle site before 5pm Friday 15 April 2016; Email submission is NOT acceptable. After the submission of your assignment, there will be a number of validation questions available on Moodle based on or related to your assignment, which MUST be answered and marked before 11:59pm Sunday 17 April 2016.

Question 1.
Assume that the final scores in a statistics unit follow a normal distribution with mean 72 and standard deviation 10. Use SPSS to find (and present the code as part of your solution):
[a] the proportion of the scores less than 50.
[b] the proportion of the scores larger than 65 but less than 85.
[c] the minimum score for being in top 10%.
[d] the probability for the average of 5 scores to be larger than 80.

Question 2.
People with diabetes must manage their blood sugar levels carefully. They measure their fasting plasma glucose (FPG) several times a day with a glucose meter. Another measurement, made at regular medical checkups, is called HbA. This is roughly the percent of red blood cells that have a glucose molecule attached. It measures average exposure to glucose over a period of several months.
The Excel file called Diabetes has data on both measures of glucose level in diabetics for 18 diabetics five months after they had completed a diabetes education class.
[a] Construct a histogram to study the FPG variable, with brief comments.
[b] Find the correlation coefficient between the two variables FPG and HbA.
[c] Present a scatter plot of FPG vs HbA with the least-squares equation and brief comments.
[d] Identify one outlier in the y direction and one outlier in the x direction, and remove them from the dataset. Find the correlation between FPG and HbA, and draw a scatter plot of FPG vs HbA with the least-squares equation. How does the correlation and the scatter plot change after the two outliers have been removed? Why?
[e] Compare the two least-squares equations with their R square values, and identify which one is better. Why?
[f] Which subject has a particularly high FPG value and which subject has a particularly low FPG value relative to the pattern for the remaining subjects after the two outliers have been removed? Why?

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