• April 27th, 2016

Introduction to Predictive Analytics

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This assignment builds upon readings from Eric Siegel (2013) Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie or Die, and is exemplified in every chapter of Thomas Miller’s (2015) Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics. In Siegel’s book, meta-information relevant to the assignment may be found in the following sections (as digital reserve readings at the library via the “Course Reserves” link: Ch 1: “Liftoff: Prediction Takes Action” (pp. 16-35); “Appendix A: Five Effects of Prediction” (p. 221); and “Appendix B: Twenty-One Applications of Predictive Analytics” (pp. 222-224).

The Applications in Predictive Analytics Assignment: Pick an application of predictive analytics and write an introduction and review of the methods used in this application area as well as its contribution of the area to management. [Siegel’s definition of an “application,” and how to make the connection between a “method” and its “contribution to an area of management” is covered in detail in the sync session held during the third week.]

Drawing on resources from the Northwestern University library, focusing on at least three relevant articles from peer-reviewed journals such as the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Sloan Management Journal. You may use other resources, but be sure to have at least three peer-reviewed articles in addition to other sources to support your research on your application, methods, and its contributions to management. Your paper will conclude with a reference section in APA style.

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