• February 8th, 2017

Introduction to Networking Homework Assignment #1

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Homework Assignment #1
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Data Communications and Networking
3. Discuss the relationship between network architecture and protocol.

5. Define the following terms: Protocol, Connection-oriented protocols, connectionless protocols, and protocol stacks.

11. Briefly describe the seven layers of the OSI protocol hierarchy.

21. List and briefly describe the five basic data communications network topologies

23. Briefly describe the TCP/IP protocol model

Chapter 3: Metallic Cable Transmission Media
1) In which layer of the OSI protocol hierarchy is the transmission medium found?
2) What are the two general categories of transmission media?
3) Define Transmission line.

4) Describe a transverse electromagnetic wave.
5) Define Wave velocity:

6) Define frequency and wavelength.

1. Determine the wavelengths for the electromagnetic waves in free space with the following frequencies: 1 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 MHz, and 1 GHz

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