• July 29th, 2015

Internet connectivity of Kenya and availability of the population to pay for Internet connection

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

• Clear objectives and clear definition, issue or hypothesis addressed.

• Adequate and appropriate research/investigation design and methodology undertaken in a justified manner.

• Straightforward and accurate analysis and interpretation of research findings using appropriate methods.

• Identification and correct usage and review the relevant literature appropriately.

• Critical and logical discussion that demonstrate a sound understanding of the chosen topic and links theory to practice.

• Clear and valid conclusions, flowing naturally from the objectives and substance of the dissertation/business research project.

• Provides the necessary evidence to support the chosen lined of argument.

• Accurate source referencing, including a bibliography of relevant literature.

• Coherent content that is consistent with the title/topic.

• Appropriate presentation, structure and sequencing of context, including clear tables and charts where necessary.

• Use relevant programmes  materials and tools of analysis.

• Appropriate appendices to support the substance of the work.

• Clear English with accurate spelling but not necessarily completely accurate grammar.
Research proposal of 2,500 words​

An introduction (abstract, research topic, questions, objectives and background) 10
Literature review​ 25
Methodology ​ 25
Overall presentation of the proposal​20


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