• April 13th, 2016

International Relations

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1.From confrontation to co-existence (3000 words)APA (attached Slides) first with in 5 days

2.Federal Europe 2500 words (Chicago citation) within 10 days

3.Realism 3000 words AP (Harvard) 5-7 days

4. Liberal challenges to restoration Europe 3000 words (Harvard Style) with in 10 days

5. Energy and foreign policy: Eu Russia energy dynamics (3000 words) Harvard Style

Marked according to the following criteria:
1.Formal correctness (Introduction, Main Part, Conclusion, References, Bibliography)
2.Cogency of presentation and argument
3.Mastery of the literature
4.Analysis of contending arguments
5.Originality and clarity

minimum six different sources, inclusive of footnotes and bibliography. A source can be an article, book chapter or a book.

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