• April 18th, 2016

International Marketing

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Brand will be Coca Cola in Latin America countries (Venezula, Chile and Brazil)

• Strategy for your brand. This will include
Ø Overall strategy: Is the brand selling a standardized product? Localized product with adaptations? Joint venture with an indigenous company? In each of the following aspects of the marketing mix, explain the extent of standardization and localization.
Ø Product strategy: product form; package size; anything else you consider relevant
Ø Pricing strategy: what price?
Ø Distribution: where is the product available.
Ø Promotion: what media outlets are being sued? What is the ad focus? Is social media being used and if so how? Include ads, if relevant.
5. Provide YOUR assessment of the brand’s strategy.
• Has it worked (explain why or why not with data?)
• Identify success factors
• Identify the speed bumps
• Do you have any recommendations for the brand?

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