• March 11th, 2016

International Financial Accounting

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Select a non-UK company and obtain its latest annual financial reporting documents. But you cannot choose those companies include IBM, Daimler-Benz, L’oreal, Caterpillar and Glaxo.
Analyse those documents with respect to:
(a) the breakdown between mandatory and voluntary content and their respective implications for impression management;
(b) signs of impression management in the voluntary material (narratives, graphs, pictures/photographs;
(c) a possible classification of the company’s accounting system within one of the major classifications that you have examined.
There will be some details about this essay requirement I will upload. They are Course Work Practical Guideline, Lecture 8A, Lecture 8B, Lecture 7A, Workshop 7, Workshop 6 and workshop 1 respectively. And some other relevant readings.

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