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International business

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In 2500 words, students are required to critically discuss the following topic:

Using an example of an MNC from an emerging market, present an analysis of the firm-level and country-level factors that have contributed to its success and/or failure. What are the main lessons international business managers can learn about the interplay between firm and country-level factors in achieving success?

At a minimum, this essay will reference 10-15 reliable academic sources (including journal articles and textbooks) identified by the student, in addition to the textbook. Please use the LTU Harvard Referencing style. Guidelines are available at http://www.lib.latrobe.edu.au/referencing-tool/Harvard

Marking sheet for Individual research essay

another instructions will be explained from the teacher email and i will copy and paste it :

I have been receiving a number of emails from students outlining their structure for the individual assignment. My biggest concern to date is that students haven’t even read the assignment topic. So if you are going to ask me about the assignment, you need to make sure you have addressed at least each of the following points/questions in your essay:

1. Have you read the essay topic and requirements in the SLG and the assessment e-book on LMS?

2. Have you chosen an MNC from an Emerging market?

3. Which theoretical framework are you going to use to analyse the firm and country level factors? Make this clear

4. Have you used point 3 above to analyse your chosen organization and country that it’s from?

5. Have you sought out peer reviewed research articles such as these to help build your understanding and arguments?

Chan, P., Finnegan, C. and Sternquist, B., 2011. Country and firm level factors in international retail expansion. European Journal of Marketing, 45(6), pp.1005-1022.

Dunning, J.H., 1980. Towards an eclectic theory of international production: some empirical tests. Journal of international business studies, 11(1), pp.9-31.

6. Have you thought critically about the theory, organization and country in your discussion? What are some of the challenges for MNC’s from emerging markets going international? What are the limitations to your chosen analytical framework?

7. Have you clearly outlined the interplay between the firm and country-level factors, as outlined in the topic statement?

8. Have you presented a synthesis of your arguments? In other words, answer the ‘so what does this all mean’ question towards the end of your assignment. As future international managers, you need to be able to demonstrate what you have learnt from undertaking this learning exercise. What are the implications for IB managers?

9. Have you proof-read your work from a language and referencing point of view?

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