• March 15th, 2016

Intermediate Sanctions

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Intermediate Sanctions

An intermediate sanction includes a variety of punishments that are more restrictive than traditional probation but less severe and costly than incarceration. Some of these include; boot camps, day reporting (treatment) centers, intensive supervision, home confinement, electronic monitoring, and shock incarceration.

Research one of the intermediate sanctions listed above, or come up with a different one yourself, and describe the purpose of the sanction is and when should it be used in the adjudication process. Submit your findings in a 1-2 page paper and remember to follow APA formatting.


The writing assignment this week explores intermediate sanctions as a sentencing option. This essay should focus on one type of intermediate sanction. Provide a summary of the sanction. Incorporate information on when the sanction should be used in the process (is it pre-trial, diversion or part of the disposition). What criteria will be used to determine its use – what age, delinquent act, criminal history and/or other demographics is the sanction appropriate for?

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