• March 16th, 2016

Interactions with intruders in Rattus norvegicus

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

**Please use minitab to analysis the data and produce graph or chart.
Please refer to the data sheet (excel file) provided in the attachment.
The title should be written as “Reactions to an intruder in Rattus norvegicus”.
1500 word limit (Table, reference list and figure captions excluded from word count). all the useful instruction can be fount in the “Practical Manual_page1” and “Practical Manual_page2”.
Please declare your word count on the front page.
The four null hypothesis for the reports are: 1. There is no significant differences of agonistic behaviours between the two strains (Lister and Sprague). 2.There is no significant differences of agonistic behaviours between female and male. 3. There is no significant differences of affiliative behaviour between the two strains. 4. There is no significant differences of affiliative behaviour between male and female. Please mention the four hypothesis clearly in the report. We have four different conditions in this practical, they are “Lister Male x Lister Male”(LM), “Lister Female x Lister Female”(LF), “Sprague Female x Sprague Female”(SF) and “Sprague Male x Sprague Male”(SM). In the Method part, just need to write “To establish the response of Rattus norvegius to new peer and also to factors such as sex and strain, Sprague dawley and Lister hooded were used. The experiment proceeded for duration of around seven minutes and as was stipulated in the practical manual after the analysis conducted.” Please analysis the four hypothesis separately and see compare the p values with critical value 0.05 separatly, state if each of the null hypothesis is rejected or fail to reject. Please use Chi-square Goodness test to analysis the data (*don’t use Chi square association test). You can found useful instruction of how to use minitab to do the test in the attachment. The report should include a short introduction part, setting the scene for your work from the literature (that means journal papers not websites!); a method section that will consist of a reference to the practical manual (don’t write out the methods again, just say they were in practical manual and details that we used 7 minutes instead of 5 minutes) and a brief explanation of how you analysed the results; a results section detailing your findings; a discussion explaning your findings; a short conclusion, which should include suggestions for further experiments. Also need a references list.

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