• May 3rd, 2015

Innovation Management Diagram

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The work is to finish a Innovation Model in the from of a Diagram. I’ve finished the first half of the diagram base on the text book “Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change, 5th Edition, Wiley, by Joe Tidd and John Bessant. ISBN-13 978-1118360637” My existing diagram covered the first 7 chapters, please finish the other half with ideas that ONLY COMES FROM the rest of the text book, DO NOT USE ANY THEORIES OR INNOVATION TOOLS that are not covered in the text book. I’ll upload three files, the pdf file has more contect, and that’s where you can start your work with, the one doc file is might missing some thing compared to the pdf version, but it will be easier for you to edit. The other doc file is the instruction from teacher. I think the pdf or doc can’t fit in all the content, so you may use PREZI or other common software to finish the diagram. I’ll order 3 pages of work, just because I think this is a time cosuming job, and the work you are going to send to me, should be in one page.

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