• April 6th, 2016

Innovation and the sustainability organization

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Company chosen name: AIRGAS company

– The green product or service (200 words)

Discuss and classify how the offerings of your chosen company specifically focus on
environmental sustainability. Make use of its Annual Report or its Sustainability Report, and
Cite such reports where used. Identify stakeholders connected to producing or consuming the relevant products or services and the company’s efforts in corporate social responsibility.

– Review of relevant literature (300 words)

Refer to about five focused literature sources in order to explain how the selected company
may best pursue sustainability for its offerings. You may use journal articles retrieved from
https://www.scopus.com- Industry benchmark

– Industry benchmark (250 words)

1 – How appropriate are the measurement criteria of the ranking?
2 – What bias or issues could that measurement have?
3 – Is the industry highly concentrated in market shares or rather not? What could be the reasons?

– Sustainability benchmark (250 words)

Pick a selected graph embodying documented data from the sustainability report, press
releases or other reports of your chosen company. Answer the following question:

1 – How could this graph be improved and better used in order to compare the company with
a competitor? Use Excel to generate a ‘better’ graph; include the new graph in the paper.

– Conclusions (100 words)

Finally, conclude what your paper has found that is novel from the selected and appraised
company example. Add one or two sentences about how these conclusions compare to, or
inform literature.

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