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  • March 6th, 2016

Individual Report

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the given company is Primark and the chosen countries is China, and the Alternative markets are India, Japan and poland and . In terms of sources/references you could please use as many as you want, but it will be better if all/most of the sources/references could be found online, lastly my english level is not too well so please do not use advanced english just make sure no mistakes in grammar is fine.
and here are some notes from my tutor too
You ARE required to write an executive summary, which is NOT included in the 3,000 word (MAXIMUM) count.
Word counts for different parts of the report could be something like the list below, but please use the approximate word counts for guidance only.
Reasons for selection of new market for entry by the Company (approx 500 words)
Alternative markets (min of three) which were candidates, and reasons not selected (750 words)
Proposed market entry strategy, including rationale (500 words)
Outline of recommended marketing mix. (1250 words)

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