• April 3rd, 2016

Indigenous Australians

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There are two questions each one need 200 word. Also there are two references for each of them you can use them to answer the question as reference or use different reference. Just make sure that you use the right references to answer the questions.

Reflection one:

“Racism is a key social determinant of health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, and can deter people from achieving their full capabilities, by debilitating confidence and self-worth which in turn leads to poorer health outcomes.” (NATSIHP, 2013)

Consider your own area of expertise, and how the notions contained in this statement may impact your work with Aboriginal people in the future. What steps could you take to meet potential challenges?


Reflection two:


Having completed the essential readings, what do you believe are the most important community development principles that should be applied to your future practice with Indigenous groups/people?

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