• March 26th, 2016

Income and Assets

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Income and  Assets
– Taxability of wages, salaries and other earnings (e.g., earned income, statutory employee, tips)
– Interest Income (e.g., taxable and non-taxable)
– Dividends and other distributions from mutual funds, corporations, and other entities (e.g., qualified dividends)
– Rental income and expenses including: depreciation, vacation homes, not-for-profit rentals, personal property
– Gambling income and allowable deductions (e.g., Form W-2G, documentation)
– Tax treatment of forgiveness of debt (e.g., Form 1099C, foreclosures)
– Tax treatment of a U.S. citizen/resident with foreign income (e.g., individual tax treaties, Form 2555, Form 3520 and Form 5471)
– Other income (e.g., scholarships, barter income, hobby income, alimony, non-taxable combat pay, unearned income, taxable recoveries, NOL, virtual currency)
– Constructive receipt of income
– Constructive dividends (e.g., payments of personal expenses from a business entity)
– Passive income and loss (e.g., loss limitations)
– Pass-through entities (e.g., Schedule K-1, income, deductions, basis)
– Royalties and related expenses
– State/local income tax refund and other itemized deduction recoveries
– 1099 MISC reporting, irregularities, and corrections

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