• March 3rd, 2016

Incidents and incident response. Legislation and Regulations.

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Question 1: Incidents and incident response

Discuss 2 risk scenarios related to the submission procedure (3 marks per scenario) and suggest: anticipatory (3 marks per scenario), incident management (3 marks per scenario) and long term incident response measures (3 marks per scenario). Explain your answers.

Question 2: Legislation and Regulations

Discuss a case of a university student disclosing their credentials to a friend who, then, gets access to the university information system.

Is this an offense or just an academic misconduct? (15% of allocated marks). If this is an offense, who is an offender? (15% of allocated marks). Which part of the UK legislation does cover this scenario? (15% of allocated marks). Under what conditions? (10% of allocated marks).

Explain your answers (15% of allocated marks). Support your argument with references and citations from at least 3 literature sources (15% of allocated marks). Illustrate your points with references to case studies (15% of allocated marks).

Question 3: Legislation and Regulations

Discuss section 3A in the Computer Misuse Act 1990 inserted by clause 38 of the Police and Justice Act 2006. How is it relevant to the digital forensics? (3 marks). Is there a controversy? What is a nature of it? (3 marks). Has it been resolved? How? Contrast and compare its analysis in at least 3 different literature sources. (4 marks).

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