• March 10th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Chapter 1 (2000 words)

1.1 Research Background

  • Existing research
  • Where was the previous research taken place (counties) focus on developing counties in African, Asia and North America.
  • What are the most cited variables or measure of good governance in the past literature
  • What theories are most popular use in the past and their references

1.2 Research Rationale

  • What is the research issue
  • Why it’s an issue (in the past and why it’s important again for the future)
  • What this research could shed light on?

1.3 Research Aim, Objectives & Question (see below ideas)

  1. To investigate through research various contributors to good governance
  2. To identify various effects of good governance on international business
  • To find out how good governance can be aligned to steer delivery on organizational goals

1.4 Research Questions (see below ideas)

  1. What are the constituents of good governance?
  2. Do all the identified constituents affect performance of good governance while managing international business?
  • How can an existing international business begin incorporating good governance in its operations?
  1. How can an organization measure the success of good governance?


Chapter 2 (2000 words)

2.1 Literature Review:

  • Definition and key concepts of “Governance”, “Good Governance” and “International Business”.

2.2 Critical Review of “Good Governance”

  • Using the key theoretical elements and models of good governance reviews by Wordbank, International Development Association, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Amnesty international and United Nations Development Programmed.
  • Theoretical elements 1 , 2 , 3, 4 & 5 ( Less or more..)
  • Useful link: https://www.ifad.org/documents/10180/b638539f-2a1d-4181-a8da-c685eac1a245
  • Note: It’s important to use the above article link for section 2, 2.3 and 2.4 You can also search for more recent developed article.

2.3 Current state of research

2.4 Conceptual framework (Justify and support the conceptual framework)

  • It’s important to development a personal framework and explains how the framework contributes to the research question.
  • The framework can be a support to any recent developed model by UN, Worldbank, ADB and IDA. It’s also important draw and explains the framework.

2.6 Hypothesis.

Chapter 3 (2000 words)

  1. Research Design and Methodology

3.1 Research Investigation

3.2 Research Design

3.3 Research Methods

3.3.1 Discussion of Explanatory and Exploratory Method

3.3.2 Discussion of Secondary Data Collection

3.3.3 Questionnaire and Scale

3.3.4 Target Population (Developing countries in North American, Africa or Asia)

3.3.5 Sample Size (How many company’s) & why

3.3.6 Sampling Techniques (Discuss & Justify between Probability and non-Probability)

3.3.7 Data Analysis Plan

3.3.8 Ethical Issues and Management

3.3.9 Research Limitations

Chapter 4 (2000 words)

  1. Research Data Analysis and Discussion

4.1 Results and interpretation of data

Chapter 5 (2000 words)

  1. Discussion and Conclusion of the main research findings

5.1 Recommendation for the Study

5.2 Recommendation for future research

5.3 Research Conclusion

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