• April 27th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Individual Project – Research Paper
300 points

Project Learning Objectives

Planning and organization
APA Style Format
Information literacy and computer skills

Project Description

The primary purpose of the project is to analyze a particular issue (immigration) from both the Democratic and Republican point of view in this year’s election.

In your paper you should complete the following:

1) Provide a brief introduction to the issue and describe the history and background of the issue. You must post your issue on blackboard and be sure to not duplicate topics. Each student must have their own unique topic.

2) Analyze the issue question using research sources. At least five English language research sources are required.

3) Research the platform (beliefs) of the Democratic and Republican parties regarding your issue.

4) Provide a brief conclusion that summarizes your research findings based upon your guiding question. Discuss how this issue could impact the upcoming election.

5) Use APA citations when summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting information from sources. Complete in-text citations and a full reference list should be included.

The result of your research will be a paper of eight to ten double spaced pages in addition to title and reference pages.

You will present your analysis to the class during the final class meeting. Information regarding the presentation will be provided separately in class and on Blackboard. You will do a PowerPoint presentation to the class on your issue.

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