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This is the problem question I need help with. Could you include research in the answers and refer to the appropriate legislation and evidence to back it up thankyou.
S came to the UK six years’ ago on a visitor’s visa to attend an aunt’s wedding. S is a citizen of Uruguay. Whilst at the wedding, he met and fell in love with T, who is a British citizen. S sent an application to stay in the UK to the Home office, including his passport, but has not received a reply to his application. It is not clear whether the application was lost in the post or the Home Office have simply not replied to the application. S moved in with T and began to work cash in hand for a catering agency. T became pregnant almost immediately and T and S now have a 5-year-old son, U. S earns about £15,000 per year, cash in hand. T earns about £5000 per year, as she works part time to make it easier to care for U. T and S live in a two bedroomed flat which T rents, with money provided from S’s earnings. Three months ago, S’s sister, W came to the UK to visit. Whilst in the UK, W gave birth to a baby girl whom she named X. W left the flat early one morning, abandoning X and has not been heard from since.
Advise S, T and W.

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