• January 3rd, 2017

Hypertension among Nigerian women community in Toronto

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Standard 1: A, 4 of the Community Health Nurses Association Standards of Practice located at http://www.chnc.ca/ states,
The community health nurse: facilitates planned change with the individual/community population through the application of the Population Health Promotion Model.
• Identifies the level of intervention necessary to promote health
• Identifies which determinants of health require action/change to promote health
• Utilizes a comprehensive range of strategies to address health-related issues. (p.11)
The reference for the Health Canada Population Health Promotion Model cited in the above Community Health Nurses Association Standards of Practice is located at http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/.
You previously did some analysis of these models in Section 1, Units 1 and 2 and you may find it useful to review the notes that you have already made.
Consider the following situation. You are one of several community health nurses working in the Community Health Centre in your area. Over lunch you comment on the number of moms who have asked you about infant massage and where they might go to take a course. Several of the other community health nurses indicate they have had similar requests. From examining both the Population Health Promotion model and the Community Health Nurses Association Standards of Practice, where might you begin an assessment of this aggregate? Make a list of what you would assess.

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