• April 19th, 2016

Humanitarian Situation in Syria

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The ongoing siege of the Syrian town of Madaya is only one of many towns and areas in the country cut off from reliable delivery of food and humanitarian aid. In fact, news accounts estimate that 400,000 Syrians face similarly dire circumstances. This, despite the fact that the UN Security Council has passed resolutions demanding the unfettered delivery of humanitarian aid and the added fact that using food as an instrument of war is considered to be a war crime. Please write an analytical-research paper that explores the reasons (both in the realm of international relations and in the Syrian war itself) why this terrible humanitarian situation (as applies to the issue of the besieged towns but extends to other dimensions of human suffering in Syria) continues to persist.

In order to provide a solid foundation for this analytical-research paper, upon selecting your country it will be important to begin learning about the country’s relevant historical background concerning its humanitarian crisis, key domestic and international actors relevant to this conflict, the domestic and/or international politics that led to the crisis and the resolution of the crisis (if applicable), and the politics of the debate regarding possible international intervention and use of the Responsibility to Protect “toolkit” that can involve a range of diplomatic, economic, judicial, military, and other forms of interventions in a particular conflict.

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