• April 6th, 2016

Human Rights: Use four concepts of structure. agency, realism and idialism to anylise the dark side of humanitarianism and military intervention

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SOME Questions (just for information purpose and idea) FROM MY MODULE GUIDE:
*where does responsibility for the atrocity lie? The individual soldiers, the insurgents, the officers, the generals, the US President, Congress, the media, entertainment industry (films, games), the military-industrial complex, the American people? Explain this using concepts of structure, agency, realism and idealism.
* Examples I can use: Battle for Haditha (Documentary), Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Rwanda all examples I would like to use but feel free to add your ideas
* In what circumstances can soldiers kill civilians? (according to Crawford)
* What is the importance of structure/agency, according to Crawford, in understanding military atrocities and where responsibility lies for them?
* What are the three levels of collective moral responsibility for military atrocity and does this exculpate (take blame away from) individual soldiers? Crawford
*Does social convention not logic define why one act of killing is an atrocity (Haditha) and another is less atrocious (bombing cities) (p. 196)?

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