• April 15th, 2016

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a one (1) single-spaced page research paper summarizing one (1) scholarly article that used human subjects in the research. The article MUST have been published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, or the Journal of Management. Articles from journals OTHER THAN those noted will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The full text of articles in these journals is available from the TU Library using TU Portal. When reading and reviewing the article, explain how human subjects were used in the research, and explain how the use of human subjects provided insight into how consumers think and behave. Attach a reference list in APA format (author(s), date, title of article, name of journal, volume, issue, pages). Papers must be submitted before the deadline as a Word document to SafeAssign, located on the Blackboard site for this course. Papers WILL be checked using anti-plagiarism component of SafeAssign.

To receive credit, 1) the article must come from one of the four journals listed above, 2) your summary must be at least one single-spaced page, 3) the summary must be in your own words (no plagiarism).

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