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Human Genetics; What will your children be like?

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Biology 2107 Laboratory
Lab Report Two Direction
Required steps and grading rubrics
This report is based on exercise I data, Human Genetics )

A. Cover page (5 points):
1. Your name and your partners name (the partner for this experiment not your lab partner)
2. Course title; Biology 2107L-197
3. Report title: Human Genetics; What will your children be like?

B. Introduction (20 points): Introduce the experiment by talking about human genetics, number of chromosomes, alleles, autosomal and sex linked genes (use the lab manual as a guide but DO NOT COPY)

C. Results: (20 points)
a. Table I1: Fill out the table.
b. Table explanation; what is shown in that table; for example, as it is shown in Table 1, in this exercise I am a non-color blind female that carries a color blind allele (XBXb). My ABO blood type is AB (IAIB) with Rh-. I am heterozygous for the hair coloretc . My partner is.

D. Conclusion: (25 points)

Please write your conclusion based on your data table; the conclusion must address the following questions in an essay format:
1. Will any of your children be color-blind? If yes, explain it in gender base probability.
2. What are the possible hair color of your children.
3. What Will any of your children be non-taster
4. What are the possible blood type of your children (ABO and RH).
5. Will any of your children be AB+ or O-?
6. Could you possibly produce a child who would have dark hair, be PTC taster and have AB blood type? Explain.
7. Would you bet on the sex (gender) of your next child? Why or why not?

E. Real world significance: (15 points): Sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis are two disorders caused by point mutation in human. Name at least two other examples of disease or disorders that are caused by genetic abnormality;
a. Name of the disorder
b. Cause
c. Symptoms and/or any related condition

F. Reference: (5 points).

Note: Grammatical A maximum of 10% will be deducted from your total score for grammatical and spelling errors.

Note: The report MUST be at least three pages (excluding the cover page), single space and font 12.

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