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the type of course MSc (Process Safety Engineering). The module of this assignment is called; Human behaviour and human error (From loss prevention perspective). *This order is for a specialized level degree.

* Please read the assignment questions carefully and produce an engineering based tool to assess, evaluate, analyse, identify human error and human behaviour areas (weaknesses), where in the track of operation and how to avoid it and how to improve the safety of the operation.

Assignment tittle: {Safety Engineering tools: Human behaviour and human error}

Instructions for: Q1) A_ Elements of a good procedures and then, assess current procedure included in (Annex1), identifying the strengths and weaknesses. (Please put something worth 10marks and more).
B_ Using the current operation procedures, produce a Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA), in graphical (tree) form analysis. (please see the examples in the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK3xRQ4qAJQ) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PEbhLbn6nE) (Please note that this part worth 25marks).
C_ Based on the HTA, perform a Failure Analysis. (10 Marks) D_ How would you evaluate the effect of Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs) on the successful completion of the operation, describing the information you would need? (5 Marks)
E_ Based on your analyses, how could you improve the safety of the operation?

For Q2, Please provided a briefed summary of what had happened and resulted in the accident, stating what went wrong (human factors especially) and what could had been done to avoid it. Then, describe the relationship between HTA and STEP accident analysis, explaining how to integrate them into producing one engineering tool of investigating accident and visualising what went wrong. Then, illustrate this by performing a STEP analysis for Esso longfor fire and explosion accident (see the link of the official report into assignment file)
Also, please see the examples of previous work done by others which is provided to show you how the module tutor wants the work to be executed.
*Preferred referencing style is Numerical i.e. [3] NOT footnoted one.

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