• April 16th, 2016

HR course “High-Involvement Work Processes (HIWP) Influence employee outcomes, Mediating roles of skill utilization and intrinsic motivation

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Purpose. This project is the largest collaborative learning activity for the course. Class members will work in teams of three people to work with or study a real organization. The team will choose an organization to work with. The project requires you to examine a problem or issue of concern in a real organization. The purpose of the project is to give your team an opportunity to apply what has been learned in the course (through course lectures, readings, and discussions) to problems in an organization of your team’s choice. Your team should identify a public, private, or not-for-profit organization (or part of one) to study. This must be an organization, not a learner group. You may select an organization in which one or more of the team members has worked or been a member. I advise you to be selective in choosing an issue or problem within an organization, as a lack of depth in the issue itself will not be an acceptable excuse for lack of depth in the analysis.
Your team is to gather information from people in an organization through direct contact. You may supplement this information with data from the media, the organization’s literature, and other secondary sources. You should identify a relatively recent problem to analyze (i.e., this should not be an historical account of a problem and the company’s solution). You should focus your analysis by applying the concepts from the course. While it is acceptable to incorporate several concepts from the course, please aim for depth rather than breadth regarding the use of course concepts.

There are three broad goals for this assignment:
1. One goal of this assignment is obviously to take the initiative to make a positive contribution to an organization.
2. Another major goal is to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about organizational behavior first hand and to use your critical thinking and reflection skills to link your experience with this organization to your learning in relation to organizational behavior theory.
3. The final goal is to provide a forum for you to hone your skills as a team member and leader and to reflect on the learning gained from this team experience. Each team will make a presentation to the class and write a paper that describes what you did for the organization, what you learned about organizational behavior, and what you learned about working on a team.

To meet these broad goals, your team should answer the following questions in the assignments detailed below.
a) What are the issues or problems facing the organization?
b) What course concepts can be applied to understand why this problem is occurring?
c) What recommendations can you offer to help improve organizational functioning?

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