• October 10th, 2017

How Will Digital Technologies Impact On Supply Chain Operations In The Retail Industry In The Future?

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The purpose of this assignment is to apply the concepts explored in class. You are required to complete this task
You should plan and research this assignment by linking material from across the entire semester. Ensure you
submit by the due date as late penalties apply (as per the paper outline).
Write a brief essay demonstrating your understanding of the question below. The use of original diagrams is
encouraged and will be rewarded. Make sure that your essay text links to the diagram(s) to show its (their)
The maximum word count is 1300 words from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion
(i.e. excluding diagrams, illustrations and the list of references). Please include a word count in your assignment
This assignment is based on the analysis of the diagram entitled “The in-store experience of tomorrow” (source:
Accenture, 2015). This diagram, available in MyWeb (‘Files’/’Assessment-Final assignment’), illustrates how digital
and interconnected technologies will change not only the way consumers shop, but also the way retailers manage
and optimise their supply chain operations in the future.
Write an essay to answer the following question:
How will digital technologies impact on supply chain operations in the retail industry in the future?
Some questions you may consider in your essay are outlined below:
• Which technologies can be leveraged to improve supply chain operations in the retail industry?
• How do/will these technologies support more efficient, quicker and/or more responsive supply chain
• What benefits will these technologies generate both for customers and for retailers?
We would like to see an integrated answer (not just listing the above questions and providing answers) using
diagrams if appropriate. Integrate as many course concepts as possible into your discussion but remain focused on
the main question (How will digital technologies impact on supply chain operations in the retail industry in the

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