• March 9th, 2016

How Exercise Improves Memory within Adolescents

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Could you please rewrite the paper from the current ‘How exercise improves memory in adolescence’ to something more like the VST_AP_14_highlighted. The highlights mean ‘(Sample medium/high paper: row 1 = 4, yellow; row 2 = 2, green; row 3 = 6 blue; row 4 = 5 pink; row 6 = 6 red; row 7 = 3 dark green; row 8 = 6 dark purple; row 9 = 3 gray)’ Also I’ve done an experiment with the method attached below. It is required to use my method in the paper. The ap research course document has the rubric included inside for the paper. Please write the paper and make it so the paper is similar to the outline and better than the highlighted example paper. I haven’t completed the experiment so you can make up reasonable results and conclusions. Also you can choose the preferred test for the indicated memory test. It does not have to be the ones in the methods.

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